Weird Market 2021: Winners

Weird Market 2021: Winners

'Homeless Home' by Alberto Vázquez, a three-time winner of the Goya Award, adds a new award to his most recent work. The film won the Best National Short Film Award. 

The international competition awards have gone to the French 'Souvenir Souvenir' by Bastien Dubois, a renowned filmmaker who with his debut (Madagascar, a Journey Diary) managed to enter among the short films nominated for the Oscars.

The Croatian-Portuguese co-production 'All Those Sensations in My Belly' by Marko Djeska wins the award for the best European work and A Film About a Pudding by the British Roel Van Beek receives a special mention from the jury.

The jury jury made up of the Polish producer Katarzyna Gromadzka, the Head of the Children's and Youth Department of the Portuguese public broadcaster (RTP) Andrea Basílio, the French creator and producer Alex Laffaille, and the Spanish director and screenwriter José Luis Ucha.

The other part of the awards for this film competition has been decided by the audience attending the sessions and it was Only a Child by Simone Giampaolo (Switzerland) that won the international competition, while the Spanish-Argentine co-production Loop by Pablo Polledri has won in the national section.

Regarding the call for projects, 'Roped' by Carmen Córdoba won the Movistar + Short Film Project Award and 'Titan Tofu' by María Luquero the Best Young Creator Series Project Award. The list is completed by the RTVE awards that are for 'Call of the Se'a as the Best Video Game Project, 'Desolatium: Prologue' as the Most Innovative Video Game Project and 'Moons of Darsalon' as the Weird Plus Video Game Project. 


The award is endowed with the acquisition of the broadcasting rights of the short film by Movistar + and an amount of 9,000 euros for a period of 2 years (unlimited number of passes), being the first year exclusively for the aforementioned channel. In addition, the work will be officially released in the 2022 or 2023 edition of this market. Roped is the second short film by the Andalusian filmmaker, a work that has raised great expectations after accumulating more than a hundred awards with her debut film: Roberto.

Eliane Gordeeff writes about Roped:

One of the highlights of this list is 'Roped', by Carmen Córdoba González, the director of Roberto (2020), the short which has accumulated more than a hundred awards. This time, the Andalusian filmmaker brings us a short project look at womanhood in a very special way: through the relationship between the mother and the daughter. As its synopsis shows:

From the moment Daughter enters the world, she wants to conquer her freedom. Since then, Mother has to educate her... and control her. One day Daughter takes a plane in search of a new life far from Mother. Little by little the link between them gets weaker against the new experiences that the adult world offers Daughter: friends, sex, drugs... Mother has to learn to step aside and let Daughter find her own way. When Daughter discovers she is pregnant she panics but, when the time arrives, the Son she carries in her womb will find his way into this world... converting her into Mother - Film Synopsis

The free and simple design, the expressive drawing, and the color contrast are just what we can observe in its illustration and short teaser.  And this already has an impact arousing a strong curiosity about the final version.

'Roped' was also one of the eight selected projects to participate in the NextLab workshop - a Spanish initiative that connects art and technology in the animation industry and digital content (with the main sponsorship of the Community of Madrid). The teaser is the result of its participation in this workshop.

In the new talent section, the best young creator series project is for the Spanish 'Titan Tofu', by María Luquero; With this she receives a free accreditation for the next edition of Annecy-MIFA (MIFA professional accreditation).

Finally, RTVE has awarded three distinctions, the one directed to the Best Video Game Project that has been for 'Call of the Sea' by Out of the Blue Games; a work set in the confines of the South Pacific during 1934 and that was nominated for the BAFTA Games Awards. The Most Innovative Video Game Project has been for the horror proposal 'Desolatium: Prologue' by Superlumen; and completing the short list, the RTVE Weird Plus Video Game Award, for the video game that breaks the mold, the weird one, has been for 'Dr. Kucha Games' Moons of Darsalon', a retro-style adventure with influences from Abe Odyssey and Lemmings. All of them now have the possibility of being presented to the Directorate of Interactives of RTVE.

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