10+1 Animation Projects for Kids Kino Industry 2022

Kids Kino Industry selections

Kids Kino Industry (KKI), the international co-production forum for films and series aimed at children and youth announced its selection, which includes 10 animation projects (and 1 mixed-technique project) for its 27th to 30th September edition (Warsaw/online)

27 projects in total will be presented during two pitching days (26 projects shortlisted from a total of 95 submissions, and a winning project of the Kids Kino Industry Exchange Award at m:brane). 95 projects from 27 countries were submitted to the pitching sessions of the Kids Kino Industry Forum, a record for the event.  7 projects were developed as part of the in-house script development workshop: Kids Kino Lab.  

Animation projects in development

'Agus and Monsters', Motion Pictures Entertainment, animated series, Spain
Agus Pianola’s life would be very normal if it weren’t for the ten monsters living in his bedroom. Agus shares this secret with Lidia, his good friend, while he makes his parents believe the monsters are cuddly toys. However, the monsters are clearly far from being mere cuddly toys.

'Felix the Brave', Little Dream Entertainment, animated film, Germany
Felix is a flea who firmly believes he is a rhinoceros beetle. When his family is threatened, he must save them. But first, he has to accept who he really is. His heroic journey begins.

'Forest', AL ONE, 3D animated film, Italy
A young mush­room, Fey, goes off on an adven­ture to find the leg­endary Flame-watch­ers, now reduced to an unlike­ly, though well-mean­ing, a crew of layabouts. When the arrival of humans pro­vokes a fire, will Fey man­age to pro­tect the for­est and save her beloved world, no one seems to care for anymore?

'Hamsters', Haptic, animated series, Belgium
Ham­sters”, is a humor­ous 2D ani­ma­tion series about Philippe and Gio­van­ni. Two mis­chie­vous ham­sters who com­ment the world from their cage

'Monsters SOS', Likaon, animated series, Poland
The series tells an adventure story of four friends: Ignacy, Emma, Filip and Tomira that are collages from first year of primary school. After school the kids pursue a strange hobby – they chase old Slavic ghosts, mares and monsters that are forced to leave their natural habitat as they are pushed away by rising civilizations.

'Round and Round the Wishing Well', Laïdak Films, animated film, France
 A sequel for 'Mum is Pouring Rain' by Hugo de Faucompret

'Rubbish Life', mfoka, animated film, Poland – KIDS KINO LAB.
The residents of the forgotten Bin try to rediscover the meaning of their existence. Bottom -a jagged bottle bottom- is the only one who doesn’t remember his life before the Bin. Trying to learn where he came from and prove his worth, he sets out on a dangerous journey into the depths of the Bin. However, his personal motivation for the journey becomes insignificant when he realises that he is the only one who can prevent the entire Bin’s terrible fate.

Tiger and Bear', Wolkenlenker, animated series, Germany
Togeth­er, Tiger and Bear expe­ri­ence life’s lit­tle moments — each poet­ic, some­times fun­ny, and always pro­vid­ing a pearl of wis­dom to make chil­dren and their care­givers feel just a lit­tle warmer inside.

'Under the Floor', Running Rabbit Films, animated series, Poland
Did you know there’s an undiscovered world in your house that is impossible to find, unless you look closer...beneath the floor! It’s a comfortable home of two fluffy and colorful creatures Blue and Berry and their pet - moss piglet named Dumpling. In every episode we find them experiencing the surrounding world with a childlike curiosity.

Work-in progress animation projects:

'The Diary of Paulina P.', Jaka produkcija, live-action/animated film, Croatia

'Kitty Kotty', EGoFILM, animated series, Poland
A clever cat, the main character, together with her understanding owners and three faithful friends bravely discover the world, learning vital rules and patterns of daily life

Live-action projects in development

  • 'Detective Bruno 2. The Baltic Gold', Shipsboy, live-action film, Poland – KIDS KINO LAB
  • 'Eat a Book', AGITPROP, documentary series, Bulgaria
  • 'Empire', De Mensen, live-action series, Belgium – KIDS KINO LAB
  • 'GameGirl', 8Heads Productions, live-action film, The Czech Republic – KIDS KINO LAB
  • 'Ghoul Friends', BOMBITO PRODUCTIONS, live-action series, United Kingdom
  • 'Green Bean Camp', Coming Soon Films, live-action film, Spain
  • 'Horse on a Stick', Lieblingsfilm, live-action film, Germany
  • 'Jacob´s Treasure', TRIGON PRODUCTION, live-action film, Slovakia
  • 'Land of Lost Laundry', Filmbin, live-action film, Norway – KIDS KINO LAB
  • 'Louise Lives Large', Tailored Films, live-action series, Ireland/Canada/Belgium
  • 'My World Upside Down', WHAT IF Films, live-action film, Slovakia
  • 'Secrets of the Great Bog', Air Productions, live-action film, Latvia
  • 'Sophie Milk', Gate & StoryProduction, live-action series, Poland
  • 'Stairway to Heaven', Fabelaktiv, live-action series, Norway
  • 'Tosia', Film Production Wojciech Stuchlik, live-action film, Poland – KIDS KINO LAB

Live-action work-in-progress projects

  • 'The Diary of Paulina P.', Jaka produkcija, live-action/animated film, Croatia
  • 'Grandpa, let’s go!', FURIA Film, live-action film, Poland – KIDS KINO LAB

The selection was made by  Peter Ahlén (Senior Sales Manager, Creative Producer & Director at REinvent, Denmark); Agnieszka Dziedzic (Founder & Producer at Koi Studio, Poland); Katleen Goossens (Producer at Bulletproof Cupid, Belgium),  Begoña Esteban (Head of International TV Sales & Acquisitions at Pink Parrot Media, Spain); Mateusz Możdżeń (Head of Kids Distribution in the Education Department of the New Horizons Association, Poland).

In 2022, the event will be held for the second time in the hybrid format. First three days (27th–29th of September) will be held in Warsaw and online. The last day of KKI (30th of
September) will be fully online. 

(main photo credit:  'Round and Round the Wishing Well', Laïdak Films)

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