Hungarian Animation in Primanima Industry Day, 21/5

Hungarian Animation in Primanima Industry Day, 21/5

On May 21st, the Primanima World Festival of First Animation organizes a special industry day, jointly with CEE Animation Forum. Animation film directors Juli Farkas, Éva Darabos and Daniel Gray will be the guests of Primanima, who will hold masterclasses, which will be followed by a Q&A.

First, from 10 a.m., there's the lecture titled The Muse of Concrete: Creating Bye Little Block! – a Graduation Film at MOME by Éva Darabos about what inspired her short film, which won the Best Design Award at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. She will share how the project started and how her university, the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts, and the crew of the film helped her realize Bye Little Block! from her original concept.

She will be talking about several aspects: technical steps, adaptation to a new role, teamwork, communication. The director will look back on her student years at MOME from a new perspective and share her feelings about the afterlife of Bye Little Block!, along with her future plans and projects. She will also talk about the HEN animation studio, which she had founded with Melinda Kádár, Lili Korcsok and Bori Mákó.

Then, from 12 a.m., the lecture of Júlia Farkas is next, titled The Artist Behind a Commissioned Work: Creating a Short for Adult Swim in which she will share the story of creating her new film Big Crunch. Juli is the first Hungarian animation artist who was asked to be a part of the Adult Swim Smalls series. The American channel’s producers usually approach young directors to make a film according to their own ideas.

In this masterclass Juli will tell how to create an auteur animation even if it is a commissioned work. She will tell us how she came up with the initial idea, how to experiment during the production and let new ideas be born even in the later stages. She will also discuss why the extra short format is interesting to her, what is this strange, surreal humor that feeds her works, and she will share the new challenge she faced, when she started to explore the relationship between the visuals and creative sound design.

From 2 p.m., Daniel Gray's latest short animation, HIDE, will be in the focus; the film began its successful festival circuit in Ottawa, Canada.

Daniel, the project’s writer-director and the producer Bella Szederkényi will reveal what’s behind the door and will share the story of creating HIDE from the concept to its development, finding partners, unsuccessful and successful pitches, and the challenges of producing, post-production and creation of the sound atmosphere, various complications of life and the afterlife of film at (online) festivals.

Further particulars

The presentations of Éva Darabos and Daniel Gray will be in English, and Juli Farkas’ will be in Hungarian with English subtitles. The event will be available on Facebook LIVE, and on the pages of Primanima and CEE Animation.

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