Art College 1994 animation still

13 Animation Features for BIAF 2023

Check out the 13 animation features to compete at Bucheon's International Animation Festival this October.

A Kind of Testament by Stephen Vuillemin animation short still

Fantoche 2023 Winners: 'A Kind of Testament', 'Our Pain', 'Greylands'

Discover all the awards and the jury statements of the Swiss Animation Festival Fantoche 2023.

CRAFT Animation Festival 2023 films selected

CRAFT International Animation Festival 2023: Selection Results

The full lineup of the 4th CRAFT International Animation Festival taking place in Indonesia.

BIAF 2023 Jury

Juries Unveiled for Bucheon International Animation Festival 2023

Α lineup of international animation professionals is the jury for the 25th Bucheon International Animation Festival in Bucheon, Korea. Find them all below.

StopTrik Festival Selection results for stop-motion animation films

71 Stop-Motion Animation Shorts for StopTrik Festival 2023

Discover the full lineup of stop-motion films being selected for the 13th StopTrik International Film Festival.

Turku Animated Film Festival 2023 Winners

Turku Animated Film Festival 2023: Winners

Find all the animation winners of the Finnish Turku Animated Film Festival.

Cinanima animation selection results 2023

130 Animation Films for Cinanima Festival 2023

Discover the full lineup of the 2023 Cinanima Festival.

Stills from animation films winning at Animafest Cyprus 2023

'Electra', 'Is Heaven Blue' Get Top Prizes at Animafest Cyprus 2023

Discover the animation winners of the 2023 Countryside Animafest Cyprus.

Soft Lights and Sliver Shadows animation short

Rising of Lusitania - Animadoc Film Festival: Selection Results 2023

54 animation documentaries were selected for the 5th edition of Rising of Lusitania - Animadoc Film Festival.

Animation Shorts Selected at BIAF Korean festival 2023

81 Animation Shorts for BIAF 2023

Discover the full selection of short films from Bucheon International Animation Festival 2023.

Alain Ughetto heads 2023 BIAF jury

Alain Ughetto to Head BIAF 2023 Jury

Read More About:

Alain Ughetto, the director of the BIAF2022 Grand Prize winning film, 'No Dogs or Italians Allowed', was chosen to be the president of the jury for BIAF2023.

 Doubt animation film by Adela Križovenská

Fest Anča 2023: Slovak Competition Programme (GoCritic! Review)

Anastasiya Stoeva reports from the national, Slovak competition programme of Fest Anča 2023 Festival.


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