CEE Animation Forum 2023: Selection Results

CEE Animation Forum 2023: 28 Selected Animation Projects

New animation projects at the development stage are to be pitched during the November 2023 CEE Animation Forum.

WEIRD (ex-3D Wire) has News!

Weird presents its Poster to 2020 Edition and Opens the Call for Projects

Animasyros Athens Animation Agora (3A): Full Schedule

A  three-day networking and animation innovation event in Athens, including Laure Goasguen, Karin Vanderydt, Anne Brotot, Nancy Denney Phelps, Nora El Bekri, and Tünde Vollenbroek.

7+1 Adult TV Projects for 2018 CARTOON Forum

TV concepts and series don't have to be just for kids. We present 8 animation projects for adults to be presented at 2018 CARTOON Forum.

15 Years For OIAF's TAC Conference

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Brent Butt, Fred Seibert headline The Animation Conference by the  2018 Ottawa International Animation Festival.

15 Projects Selected For the 2018 Animarkt Stop-Motion Forum

Riho Unt, Joseph Wallace and Peter Vacz among the ones selected. See the full lineup.

LAIKA Will Recruit Animators During Animarkt Stop Motion Forum 2018

Anna Kvorning, LAIKA talent acquisitions supervisor, will recruit animators and costume makers during the 3rd Animarkt Stop-Motion Forum in Lodz.

20 Projects Selected for CINEKID Junior Co-Production Market 2018

Miss Moxy, Harry & Bip, Pepe Luu, Musifants among the animation project selections.

The King and the Thief by Albert 't Hooft & Paco Vink at CINEKID 2018

Twelve projects originated from countries across Europe were selected for the fifth edition of Cinekid Script LAB.

86 Projects for Cartoon Forum, Spotlight on Finland

The 29th edition of Cartoon Forum presents projects from 21 countries in Toulouse. Check some of the highlights.

Co-Production and Networking Opportunities in Nordic Animation

A new network of Nordic countries animation is born, to help with info and structure of co-production opportunities.

Christopher At Sea, Archipelago Win 2018 Annecy MIFA Pitch Prizes

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All the winners of the Short, TV and feature film pitches of the 2018 Annecy Festival.


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