Watch (free) Karel Zeman's The Stolen Airship

The Karel Zeman Museum offers The Stolen Airship for free up to 7th April.

Regina Pessoa Designs the International Animation Day 2020 Poster

The author of Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the Days, Regina Pessoa, designs the 60th anniversary ASIFA Poster for the International Animation Day.

Rosto's Thee Wreckers Tetralogy Comes to VOD 25 March

As part of La Fête du Court Métrage and to replace all the screenings scheduled in theaters on this occasion : THEE WRECKERS TETRALOGY by Rosto is exceptionally available on video on demand from March 25 to 31.

Czech Animation in 2019-2020: Achievements and Expectations

The Association of Czech Animated Film reflects on the current state of animation in the Czech Republic.

Vatroslav Mimica Dies: A Short Reappraisal

One of the founders of Zagreb School of Animation, Vatroslav Mimica died 15 Feb 2020.

MIYU Gallery: Marie Larrivé Edens Exhibition, 19-23 Feb 2020

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The Eden exhibition by French animation director and painter Marie Larrivé comes 19-23 Feb to MIYU Gallery, Paris.

MOMAKIN: Stop-motion Animation Gets A Comeback

MOMAKIN company which organizes the Animarkt Stop-Motion Forum shares its thought on the resurgence of stop-motion animation.

21 Studio Ghibli Films Streaming On Netflix

Classic Studio Ghibli titles, like the Oscar-awarded Spirited Away, The Tale of the Princess Kabuya now available for streaming on the Netflix streaming platform in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The 20 Best Indie Animation Features of the 2010s

Here's the top indie animation features from the 2010s decade, as selected by Head Editor Vassilis Kroustallis.

The Revolution with SMODO Technology in Stop-Motion

Polish technology SMODO bridge the world stop-motion and digital production, and reduces both costs and time spent on set.

Luce Grosjean to Festivals: Stop Inviting Problematic Directors

MIYU Distribution head Luce Grosjean presented an intro statement at the 16th Animateka festival on the #MeToo movement and animation festival politics. Watch it below.

Swiss Animators Present Animadvert Calendar

24 Swiss animation shorts to be shown on Instagram from 1st December.

News from the independent animation production world

Calls addressed to animation project at the stage of development

Awards and prizes to European and independent animation films.


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