First Animation Nominees and Winners of Holland Animation Film Festival

 haff-logo520The nominated films for the Grand Prix for Dutch Animation were announced by the 19th Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht.

  • Andrej by Julia Veldman. In Andrej, Andrei Ivanovich is astonished when the water he spits into suddenly turns black. Instantly, his world is turned topsy-turvy.

  • De Staat: Witch Doctor by Floris Kaayk/ Studio Smack (NL). The film is the official music video for De Staat. With a mesmerising performance in an ash-grey environment, abundant special effects, steroids and a spectacular mass choreography.

  • Zeezucht (Jonas and the Sea) by Marlies van der Wel. In Zeezucht, a boy stakes everything to pursue his dream: find a place to call home. He would love to swim with the fish and builds a smart device to dive with.

Melting POP by Alexandre Dubosc (France) is the 2016 HAFFTube winner, an international web competition. It is a highly original stop-motion film featuring a chocolate cake.

Holland Animation Film Festival takes place 16-20 March 2016 in Utrecht.

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