Head Over Heels,, A morning stroll win at Anima Mundi 2012

Head over Heels by Timothy Reckart won the Grand Prize,  the Best Student prize, as well as the first Audience Prize) at the 2012 Anima Mundi Festival, Brazil.

The Cannes-selected  film  by the UK graduate student narrates the usual marriage breakdown story, but with a twist: this time, man and wife cannot even decide which way is up...

The Best Director award went to the Oscar-nominated A morning stroll by Grant Orchard (Studio AKA, UK), whereas the Best Animation award was given to the Czech documentary animation film, Chronicles of Oldrich S (Rudolf Smid).

Best screenplay for Bon Voyage (Fabio Friedli), and best soundtrack won Corinne Ladeinde for the NTFS production Ernesto.

2nd and 3rd audience prizes were given to Dans la tête (Sellier, Damour, Entringer, Gilles directors, France), which also won the 2nd student prize, and Fata Morgana (Frodo Kuipers, Netherlands)

In the feature film category, the Goya-awarded Wrinkles [review], an unusual but well-constructed animation drama about ageing received the top prize.

 SELKIRK, EL VERDADERO ROBINSON CRUSOE  (Selkirk, The real Robinson Crusoe) by Walter Tournier (Uruguai, Argentina, Chile) won the second prize, and  TO ARU HIKÛSHI E NO TSUIOKU by Jun Shishido (Japan) settled for the third place.

See all the awards at the Anima Mundi blog.

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