Mexican animation shorts at Annecy Festival 2023

'Mexican Animated Archaeology': A Programme and A Commentary

Porgrammer Tania de León Yong comments on the Mexican Archaeology programme, part of the recent Mexico tribute at Annecy Festival 2023.

Annecy Festival Special Prizes 2023

Annecy Festival Special Prizes 2023

Discover the special prizes awarded at the Annecy Festival 2023.

Anibar Animation Festival 2023 theme

Anibar Animation Festival 2023 Celebrates Love

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Estonian Sander Joon designs the 2023 Anibar Animation Festival visual identity.

Michael Dudok de Wit designs the Animafest Cyprus 2023 poster

Michael Dudok de Wit Designs the 2023 Countryside Animafest Cyprus Poster

Michael Dudok de Wit designs the poster for the 22nd edition of Countryside Animafest Cyprus 2023.



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