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The new Liverpool festival on animation documentaries (1-3 Feb 2019) has presented its full daily schedule.

Rising of  Lusitania -AnimaDoc Film Festival  (Liverpool, 1-3 Feb 20190 is an international competition dedicated entirely  to animated documentaries. It takes flight from Winsor McCay's short film The Sinking of the Lusitania (its port of registry was Liverpool); 100 years  after the premiere of Winsor McCay's movie it wants  to commemorate those facts in the very same city.

"One of the most common questions, that I heard, when I spoke about the idea of ​​initiating an international festival dedicated only to animated documentaries was: is there enough of them to create a separate festival? 75 submissions from around the world and from the period 2017 - 2018, justify the idea of ​​establishing RISING OF LUSITANIA - AnimaDoc Film Festival" festival director Piotr Kardas (Animation Across Borders) tells Zippy Frames.

Here is the daily festival schedule:

01.02 | Friday
1. 32-Rbit (Germany/Mexico 2018, 7’45”), Víctor Orozco Ramírez / DOCUMENTARY / professional
2. 39 Weeks, 6 Days (Slovakia 2017, 7’52”), Joanna Kozuch & Boris Šima / DOCUMENTARY / professional
3. A Cup of Anxietea (Sweden 2017, 7’50”), Emma Hjelm / DOCUMENTARY / school
4. A Photo of Me (Australia 2017, 10’48”), Dennis Tupicoff / DOCUMENTARY / professional
5. Art For Lawyers (UK 2017, 9’), Rory Waudby-Tolley / DOCUMENTARY / professional
6. Carlotta's Face (Germany 2018, 5’), Valentin Riedl / DOCUMENTARY / professional
7. D|DK (Germany 2017, 12’), Karsten Wiesel / DOCUMENTARY / professional
8. Destined to be Dead (Estonia 2018, 10’50”), Francesco Rosso / DOCUMENTARY / professional
9. Durrenwaid 8 (Germany 2018, 7’), Kirsten Carina and Ines Christine Geißer / DOCUMENTARY / professional
10. Drop by Drop (Portugal 2017, 9’15”), Laura Gonçalves & Xá / DOCUMENTARY / professional

Drop by Drop

1. Egg (France/Denmark 2018, 12’07”), Martina Scarpelli / DOCUMENTARY / professional
2. Everywhere (Germany 2017, 6’49”), Luise Fiedler / DOCUMENTARY / professional
3. Ex Terrat (Austria/France 2016, 5’45”), Reinhold Bidner / DOCUMENTARY / professional
4. Grands Canons (France 2018, 10’45”), Alain Biet / DOCUMENTARY / professional
5. Las del Diente (Spain/USA 2018, 05’28”), Ana Pérez López / DOCUMENTARY / school
6. Life of Death (Indonesia 2018, 5’22”), Bryan Arfiandy and Jason Kiantoro / MOCKUMENTARY / school
7. Love He Said (France 2018, 5’40”), Ines Sedan / DOCUMENTARY / profesional
8. Little Boy (Norway 2018, 5’), Kristian Pedersen / DOCUMENTARY / professional
9. Marfa (UK 2017, 8’22”), The Brothers McLeod / DOCUMENTARY / professional
10. Marzuki (Indonesia 2018, 06’52”), Muhammad Syahalam / DOCUMENTARY / school

Egg, Martina Scarpelli

02.02 | Saturday
4 PM | ArtAnimaDoc: TateShots (30') TateShots are Tate’s signature documentary series about art and artists in the collection. Produced in-house, the TateShots team works with a wide pool of freelance directors, editors, animators... The series, which is over ten years old, is supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies. In the program we will see 7 exemples combining the document with the animation, as well the artists connected with animation.

5 PM | “Animation + documentary = AnimaDoc. There is such thing!” Lecture in English by Agnieszka Powierska (40') Agnieszka Powierska – a graduate of Art History and Film Studies, a PhD student at Institute of Film, Media and Audiovisual Arts at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. As an education specialist in Ferment Kolektiv is a co-author of educational programs for a cinema chain Multikino.

1. Musical Traumas (Serbia 2018, 10’26”), Milos Tomić / DOCUMENTARY / professional
2. Nana (Canada 2017, 5’5”), Alexandra (Ali) Kellner / DOCUMENTARY / school
3. OBON (Germany 2018, 15’), Andre Hörmann, Samo (Anna Bergmann) / DOCUMENTARY / professional
4. Stories About Him (Taiwan 2017, 12’46”), Yung Shiuan / DOCUMENTARY / professional
5. Surprise (Portugal 2017, 8’40”), Paulo Patrício / DOCUMENTARY / professional
6. The Children Of Concrete (France 2017, 06’42”), Jonathan Phanhsay-Chamson / DOCUMENTARY / school
7. The Driver Is Red (USA 2017, 14’37”), Randall Christopher / DOCUMENTARY / professional
8. The Greatest Briton? (UK 2018,5’), Steve Roberts / MOCKUMENTARY / professional
9. The Outlander (Austria, Portugal, Bulgaria 2018, 5’16”), Ani Antonova / DOCUMENTARY / school
10. The Redness of Red (UK 2018, 3’19”), Emily Downe / DOCUMENTARY / school

1. The Sinking of the Truth (Denmark 2018, 7’30”), AniDox Collective / MOCKUMENTARY / professional
2. Tracing Addai (Germany 2018, 29’54”), Esther Niemeier / DOCUMENTARY / professional
3. Travelogue Tel Aviv (Switzerland 2017, 6’), Samuel Patthey / DOCUMENTARY / school
4. Unravelling the Ocean’s Veil (Brazil 2017, 8’48”), Quico Meirelles / o2filmes / MOCKUMENTARY / professional
5. Year (Poland 2018, 11’40”), Małgorzata Bosek-Serafińska / DOCUMENTARY / professional

Travelogue Tel Aviv, Samuel Patthey

03.02 | Sunday
5 PM | Polish AnimaDoc - in the past and nowadays (80’), with an introduction by Piotr Kardas, director of Rising of Lusitania FF.

8 PM | JANKA (Poland 2018, 50’), dir. Adela Kaczmarek + The governance of love (Poland 2012, 13'), dir. Adela Kaczmarek This portrait of Janina Ochojska, Head of the Polish Humanitarian Action, shows, above all, her private face. It is revealed by the narration of the protagonist herself and animated pictures inspired by her memories and illustrated with Grzegorz Turnau’s music. The story of her first kiss, the study of astronomy, youth marked with polio and the documentation of visits to countries engulfed in hunger and conflicts make threads of the same story, one about a sensitive human being, open to the world and assertive in her actions.
Adela Kaczmarek » a graduate of the Graphic Arts Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Her diploma film, "Bay" (2008), made at the Professor Jerzy Kucia’s Animated Film Studio, won a special award at the Polish Festival of Original Animated Films (OFAFA) in Krakow. She debuted with a short film "The Full Sun" (2012). She participated in the POLSKA.DOC workshop, where she made "The Governance of Love" and won several prizes (O!PLA, DOXA, Short Waves).

Find the juries and poster for the 2019 Rising of Lusitania - Animadoc Festival

Rising of Lusitania -AnimaDoc Film Festival will be held on Liverpool (UK), 1-3 February 2019 . Venue: The Tapestry Liverpool. The organizer of the Rising of Lusitania-AnimaDoc Film Festival is Animation Across Borders, in collaboration with Big Adventure Cinema. Media partner: Zippy Frames.

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