Welcome to the Welcome by Gabriela Sibilska

The Polish animator Gabriela Sibilska, who designed, directed, and animated the music video ‘Welcome to the Welcome’ talks to Zippy Frames. Watch the film.

Weird Market 2022: All Selected Animation Projects

The Valencia-based Weird Market continues taking steps towards its 14th edition and presents its selected films.

Mountain Spirits by Yin Fu

 The Chinese animation artist Yin Fu talks to Zippy Frames about her 2D animation short ‘Mountain Spirits’.

11 Animation Features in the BIAF 2022 Lineup

Discover the rich and eclectic lineup of feature animation films at the Bucheon International Animation Festival.

18th Seoul Indie AniFest: Programme Highlights

Find the highlights of the Asian animation festival, Seoul Indie-AniFest, now in its 18th edition.

'Bird In the Peninsula', 'The Queen of Foxes' in the Fantoche 2022 Winners

Find out the winners of the 2022 Fantoche International Festival of Animated Film, and the jury statements.

Viborg Animation Festival 2022: A Diverse and Animation-Immersive Program

Impressive and varied animation highlights are in line for the 2022 Viborg Animation Festival, Denmark. Discover them below.

Ghost Dogs by Joe Cappa

A more uneasy way of your dog as your friendly pet in the animation short Ghost Dogsy by Joe Cappa. Watch the film.


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