Sara Gunnarsdottir interview on 'My Year of Dicks'

Kropka interviews the Oscar-nominated animation director Sara Gunnarsdóttir on 'My Year of Dicks'.

Amanda Bonaiuto talks to Zippy Frames about Shanghai, her new 2D animation short. 

US independent animation filmmaker Eric Leiser (Glitch In the Grid, Apocalypsis) talks to Zippy Frames.

Discover the selection of Annecy Festival 2019 for its graduation, TV and commissioned films.

All you need to know about US/Chinese artist Lei Lei and his feature experimental film, Breathless Animals, premiering at the 2019 Berlin Film Festival.

Film review for experimental feature Breathless Animals by  US/Chinese artist Lei Lei, which premiered at the 2019 Berlin Film Festival.

The Greek stop-motion film won the Special Jury Mention for a Short Film at the 24th festival edition.

The program in Experimental Animation program at CalArts opens a full-time faculty position.

The Program in Experimental Animation in the School of Film/Video at CalArts seeks applicants for a full time stop motion faculty position.

Discover things left out in The Longest Road by Manddy Wyckens.

 It will change your perception of bugs. Watch the chivalry-inspired short King Kababa and the Knight.

Tom Law, a fourth year student at CalArts, describes graphically a failure to communicate.

Watch the philosophical-ethical tale about bird life and death by Michael Piazza: Under a big tree.


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