X by Max Hattler: Experimental symphony

The unknown X becomes a whole symphony of shapes. Watch the experimental X by Max Hattler.

Le retour by Natalia Chernysheva

Growing up or being a child underneath? Watch Le retour (The Return) by Natalia Chernysheva.

PPSD by Joseph Pierce and Arno Salters

Post Party Stress Disorder is the new elusive music video directed by Arno Salters and animated by UK artist Joseph Pierce.

The Present by Joe Hsieh

A suspenseful drama: watch The Present by Joe Hsieh.

9/11 Memorial: Will by Eusong Lee

9/11 memorial. The heart-wrenching and still beautiful Will by Eusong Lee.

The Longest Road by Manddy Wyckens

Discover things left out in The Longest Road by Manddy Wyckens.

My friend Marjorie by Louise Wilde & Model Robot

Animated doc: watch the poignant memories (but beautifully animated) of Marjorie Curtis in My Friend Marjorie.

Tits by Louisa Bertman

Femininity and adulthood. Watch the frenetic but reflective Tits by Louisa Bertman (warning: graphic content).

Celeste by Robert Wallace

A dreamy music video: watch Ezra Vine's Celeste, directed by Robert Wallace.


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