Daisy Jacobs

You need to stay home. 5 indie animated short films that investigate our relationship with one of our basic needs: being at home, safe, protected and loved.

6 short animated films compete for what has been labeled the best European short competition.

The Sense of Touch, The Bigger Picture took home the main prizes of the 22nd Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film.

The feature animated Lego film and a daring family portrait won the respective BAFTA Awards for Animation.

The 2015 EE British Academy Film Awards nominations have been announced. Read the nominees in the animation categories (shorts and features).

For a second year in a row, the Academy prefers mostly feel good films to animation's edgy alternatives.

The Swiss festival Press release gave its top prize to a UK film.

The hybrid film of live-action and animation by Daisy Jacbos won the third prize at  Cinéfondation Selection of 2014 Cannes fest.


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