On Touch(es) and Feel(s): Notes on the Etiuda & Anima 2022 Program

Mikhail Gurevich reports on the latest edition of the Krakow 2022 Etiuda & Anima Festival.

Boris Labbé at Animateka Festival: Breaking character-driven narratives (GoCritic! Review)

Nikola Jović reports on the French animation filmmaker and artist Boris Labbé and his masterclass during the 2022 Animateka festival.

Animateka 2022: European Young Talents (GoCritic! Review)

Andreea Vraja offers her own take from Animateka Festival 2022, in the European Young Talents review.

Anima Festival 2023: Selection Results

All selection films for the 2023 Anima Brussels festival.

London International Animation Festival 2022: Our Top Picks

Joseph Norman attended LIAF 2022 and reports from the festival.

Etiuda & Anima 2022: Awards

Find out all winners of the 29th Etiuda & Anima festival in Krakow, Poland.

'Sierra', 'Pentola' In the Animateka 2022 Winners

Find out all winners of the 19th Animateka Festival.

Cinanima Festival: One More Year, A New Festival Again

Eliane Gordeeff was at the Cinanima International Animated Film Festival of Espinho, Portugal.

Piccolo Festival dell'Animazione 2022: A Festival That Looks to the Future (Report)

 Our contributor Kropka reports from Piccolo Festival dell'Animazione 2022.

Piccolo Festival de Animazione 2022: Winners

These are the winners of the 15th edition of the Piccolo Festival dell'Animazione in Italy.

'Bird In the Peninsula', 'Persona' Win at PÖFF Shorts 2022

Check out the animation winners from PÖFF Shorts Tallinn festival.

'Bestia', 'Demons', 'Garbage Man' in the Cinanima Festival 2022 Winners

Find out all the winners of the 46th Cinanima Festival.


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