Marcell Jankovics

Annecy Feature Animation Selection 2023

Discover the official selection for feature animation films of the 2023 Annecy Festival.

Discover selected adult animation projects to be pitched at the 2020 Cartoon Movie.  

The Hungarian Film Archive released restored versions of  Marcell Jankovics, Gyula Macskássy and Kati Macskássy's animated films. See the list.

41 international short films, 27 student and 3 feature films were selected for the 2012 Cinanima festival (Espinho, Portugal). 

Daring, relentless and most of the times beautiful. Read the review of the 2h 39min opus of the Hungarian Marcell Jankovics, The Tragedy of Man.

The Oscar-nominated and Cannes-awarded  Hungarian visual artist and animator Marcell Jankoviks presents the history of human sin and civilisation in religiously epic proportions, in his latest feature animated film, The Tragedy of Man.


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