Spanish Animation

All the winners of the first Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards.

Highlights of the 22nd edition of Animac Lleida festival (22-25 Feb 2018), which is devoted to music and animation.

Spanish animation director and artist Alberto Vázquez talks about his feature film Birdboy:The Forgotten Children (Psiconautas), and his artistic style and mandate at Zippy Frames.

When Kronenberg met The Fantastic Planet. Film review for the Spanish animation feature Birdboy:The Forgotten Children.

 A 1905 feminist utopia and a short story in colonial Benghal, India becomes the basis of a new feature animation film by Spanish director Isabel Herguera.

One of the best things of being pressed with time is that you have to rely on intuition a lot. Watch and read about the awarded film Three fitted flies by Elisa Morais and María Álvarez.

Vassilis Kroustallis reports from Segovia and the ninth edition of 3DWire.

3DWire selects 159 projects selected for the Segovia festival and market 3DWire.

The International Animation Short Film Contest, Summa3D,  has officially opened the call for its fourth edition for professionals, students and lovers of animation and special effects.

Deeply unsettling but truly humane, the puppet short Canis by Marc Riba and Anna Solanas. For mature audiences only.

Α Ward Kimball tribute and music videos also in the Anibar 2016 programme.

The Spanish indie series satire Bendito Machine prepares its final episode and goes on Kickstarter.

Chico & Rita, POS ESO will be some of the festival tribute highlights.

Prepare yourselves for an animated slasher movie out of plasticine. The Spanish SAM pays homage to classic horror films within the family in his first feature, POS ESO.

Daddy, I'm A Zombie offers a consistent young adolescent adventure to the zombie world, even though its Wizard of Oz narrative strategy makes the film more of a deja-vu.


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