“Bestia”, “Steakhouse”, “The Crossing”, “My Sunny Maad” Win BIAF 2021 Awards

“Bestia”, “Steakhouse”, “The Crossing”, “My Sunny Maad” Win BIAF 2021 Awards

'The Crossing' by Florence Miailhe took home the Korean animation festival's BIAF Grand Prize, the Audiences Prize and the Diversity Prize, in total 3 prizes. 'My Sunny Maad' by Michaela Pavlatova was awarded the Jury Prize and Music Prize.


The Crossing is a unique film that shows world’s hot topic of refugee issues from the perspective of children. To highlight it is from a child’s point of view, the film takes a fairytale like painting style mainly with primary colors. However, the colors are not the clear and vibrant ones that we can normally think of children, instead they are somewhat stained in their tones in description. We believe that was only possible when the creator keeps thinking about the scenes and pushes herself to the limit. All the juries praised this amazing work of hers for its consistency in the theme, while bringing out the maximized diversity of animative expressions in the film. - Jury Statement for Feature Films


The music of My Sunny Maad has enough auditory intensity, but it stays in place not being too excessive, and puts weight on the story of the film. It was impressive that the refreshing wind instrument of the music led the melody on the native base reminiscent of the Middle East culture, harmonized the center without erasing the color of tradition, and helped the film develop its natural scenes. It was amazing as they were all combined and sounded as if listening to a single song. In the more educational scenes where women dream of freedom, they played a pop-style music showing their unlimited musical production, which further shone the meaning of the film that talks about women's freedom and growth.- Jury Statement for Music

The Special Distinction Prizes goes to INU-OH by Masaaki Yuasa and 'Archipel' by Félix Dufour- LAPERRIÈRE.


Siqi Song (Sister), Adrien Merigeau (Genius Loci) and Ron Dyens (Sacrebleu Productions) were the juries for short films. They gave the Grand Prize to 'Bestia' by Hugo Covarrubias.

The film dives deeply into a fractured mind of a woman who symbolizes the horror, fear, and social cleavage that a country suffers when it falls into the hands of a dictator. While dealing with such a delicate and political subject in animation, the film is immensely crafted, framed, animated, and scored, all coming together into a film that is peculiar in the best way. - Jury Statement for Short

The Jury Prize goes to 'Steakhouse' directed by Špela Čadež.

The Special Distinction Prizes goes to 'Anxious Body' directed by Yoriko Mizushiri,  'Battery Daddy' directed by Seungbae Jeon,  JEON Seungbae, and Love, Dad directed by Diana Cam Van Nguyen.

'The Girl in The Water' by Shirou Huang won Jury Prize and Amayi by Subama D won Special Mention at Graduation Films. 'Vanille' by Guillaume Lorin won Jury Prize at TV & Commissioned Films

In VR Films, Jury Prize is given to The Hangman at Home by Michelle and Uri Kranot.

All Winners of the BIAF2021

•Grand Prize The Crossing, Florence MIAILHE
•Jury Prize My Sunny Maad, Michaela PAVLÁTOVÁ
•Special Distinction Prize INU-OH, YUASA Masaaki
•Special Distinction Prize Archipel, Félix Dufour-LAPERRIÈRE
•Audience Prize The Crossing, Florence MIAILHE

Short Film
•Grand Prize Bestia, Hugo COVARRUBIAS
•Jury Prize Steakhouse, Špela ČADEŽ
•Special Distinction Prize Love, Dad, Diana Cam Van NGUYEN
•Special Distinction Prize Anxious Body, MIZUSHIRI Yoriko
•Special Distinction Prize Battery Daddy, JEON Seungbae
•Audience Prize Ecorce(Peel), Samuel PATTHEY, Silvain MONNEY
•Ani's Choice Ecorce(Peel), Samuel PATTHEY, Silvain MONNEY

Graduation Film
•Jury Prize Girl in the Water, HUANG Shirou
•Special Mention Amayi, Subarna D
TV &Commissioned
•Jury Prize Vanille, Guillaume LORIN

•Jury Prize The Hangman at Home, Michelle and Uri KRANOT

Korean Short Film
•Jury Prize Namoo, Erick OH
•Special Distinction Prize Battery Daddy, JEON Seungbae

Special Prize
•EBS Prize(Short) L& Amour en Plan(Plans for love), Claire SICHEZ
•KOSCAS Prize to the most popular film Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko, WATANABE Ayumu
•COCOMICS Music Prize My Sunny Maad, Michaela PAVLÁTOVÁ
•Diversity Prize The Crossing, Florence MIAILHE
•KAFA(Korean Academy of Film Arts) Prize Invisible Eyes, JUNG Seunghee

The 23rd Bucheon International Animation Festival (BIAF2021) took place 22-26 Oct in Bucheon, South Korea

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