Stand With Ukraine: Send Your (Very Short) Anti-War Animation Films


Linoleum Contemporary International Animation and Media Art Festival (7-11 Sep 2022) publishes an urgent call for animation filmmakers to send their very short (up to 10 seconds) animation anti-war shorts, to reflect on the current war in Ukraine.

The full festival statement

Dear friends and colleagues, help us spread the news about what's going on in Ukraine. 

On February 24th at around 5 a.m. Russian Federation has started full-scale open hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. We are a peaceful country that has done nothing to provoke the aggression of the Russian Federation, and is now defending our independence.

You can make short animation videos to convey your support, your attitude towards war, and how sick leaders who drive their people to death and threaten to use nuclear weapons should be dealt with - Linoleum Contemporary International Animation and Media Art Festival

Videos can be up to 10 seconds, 1920x1080 mp4. You can send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Linoleum Festival has also a regular call for entries for its 2022 festival programme

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