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Find the whole list of selected film for Primanima  World Festival of Animations fest.

The 2019 edition of Primanima World Festival of Animations  (30 Oct -2 Nov 2019, Budaörs, Hungary)  has announced the list of animated shorts selected for competition this year.

The Primanima World Festival of First Animations was founded in 2012 to create an opportunity to present the works of Hungarian and international young talents who are at the beginning of their career.

The titles selected to compete (in three categories: student, graduate and first) are the following: 

Alfred Fauchet _ Georis MATHIEU (BEL, 2018, 06’41”)
Ampulex Compressa _ PETHŐ Zsófia (HUN, 2019, 01’55”)
Apart _ Diana Cam Van NGUYEN (CZE, 2018, 09’52”)
Betti _ ÁCS Zsuzsanna (HUN, 2018, 04’46”)
Big Pool _ Héloïse COURTOIS, Chloé PLAT, Victori JALABERT, Adèle RAIGNEAU (FRA, 2018, 06’37”)
Broken Things _ GYULAI Anna (HUN, 2018, 09’53”)
Carlotta’s Face _ Valentin RIEDL, Frédéric SCHULD (GER, 2018, 05’00”)
Castle _ Ryotaro MIYAJIMA (JAP, 2019, 05’00”)
Clown Follies _ Aili ALLAS (EST, 2017, 03’33”)
Coyote _ Lorenz WUNDERLE (CHE, 2018, 09’55”)
Daughter _Daria KASHCHEEVA (CZE, 2019, 14’44”)
Debris _ Kaide WANG (GBR, 2018, 03’17”)
Dream Cream _ Noam SUSSMAN (EST, 2019, 04’46”)
Duo _ Tania SHARAVARAVA (CZE/BLR, 2018, 05’40”)
Dutchgaria _ Capucine MULLER (BEL, 2018, 12’24”)
Dürrenwaid 8 _ Ines Christine GEIßER, Kirsten Carina GEIßER (DEU, 2018, 06’50”)
Entropia _ BUDA Flóra Anna (HUN, 2019, 10’30”)


Escape Velocity _ REBÁK Tamás (HUN, 2019, 07’43”
Flore _ Sophie LÉCUYER (FRA, 2019, 05’30”)
Food Chain _ Liis KOKK, Mari KIVI (EST, 2018, 08’30”)
Freedom of Failure _ Jelle VAN MEERENDONK (NED, 2019, 04′ 46)
God of Chaos _ Maddie BREWER (USA, 2019, 06’29”)
Good Intentions _ Anna MANTZARIS (GBR, 2018, 08’34”)
Hide N Seek _ Barbora HALÍŘOVÁ (CZE, 2019, 06’56”)
Horizon _ Paulina ZIÓŁKOWSKA (DEU/POL, 2019, 01’30”)
I want to keep you – Affair of Endre Ady and the Sphinx _ IVÁDY Tamás, BOGYÓ Péter (HUN, 2018, 02’53”)
Ice Time _ Rachel SAMSON (CAN, 2019, 02’39”)
Intermission Expedition _ Wiep TEEUWISSE (NLD, 2019, 08’21”)
Irene’s Island _ Hippolyte CUPILLARD (FRA, 2018, 04’11”)
Jacques’ Rampage or When Do We Lose Our Self-confidence? _ HORESNYI Máté (HUN, 2018, 08’27”)
Julia _ Julian GALLESE (GBR, 2018, 02’24”)
KIDS _ Michael FREI (CHE, 2019, 09’00”)
Left Right Left _ Louise PAU (USA, 2017, 04’22”)
Letting Go _ Cécile BRUN (CHE, 2019, 06’33”)
Mamahotel _ OROSZ Tina (HUN, 2018, 06’28”)
Monster _ Laura POP (ROM/GBR, 2018, 04’20”)
Motherhill _ BOGYÓ Péter (HUN, 2018, 01’06”)
Oh Droplet! _ TUDISCO Júlia, Lydia REID (HUN, 2018, 02’46”)
One Pair Coat _ Yi LUO (DEU, 2019, 03’15”)
Oneself Story _ Géraldine CHARPENTIER (BEL, 2018, 04’53”)
Our House _ BALOGH Fábián (HUN, 2018, 09’50”)
Paper or Plastic _ Nata METLUKH (USA, 2018, 07’37”)
Prime Numbers _OTTLIK Anna (HUN, 2018, 07’58”)
R Didn’t Want to Become Twenty-five _ RICHOLM Orsolya (HUN, 2019, 01’25”
SH_T HAPPENS _ Michaela MIHÁLYI, David ŠTUMPF (CZE/SVK/FRA, 2019, 13’08”)

SH_T Happens

Sheep, Wolf and a Cup of Tea… _ Marion LACOURT (FRA, 2019, 12’11”)
Slug Life _ Sophie Koko GATE (GBR, 2018, 06’32”)
Sounds Good _ Sander JOON (EST/DNK, 2018, 09’50”)
Squaring the Circle _ Karina SPECHT (POL, 2018, 05’00”)
Stress _ Simon DAUCHY (FRA, 2018, 03’16”)
Sweet Sweat _ Jung Hyun KIM (EST, 2018, 06’13”)
Symbiosis _ ANDRASEV Nadja (HUN/FRA, 2019, 12’48”)The Diver _ Iulia VOITOVA (FRA, 2018, 04’09”)
The Lonely Orbit _ Frederic SIEGEL, Benjamin MORARD (CHE, 2019, 09’22”)
The Taste of Loneliness _ Laura PASSALACQUA (FRA, 2018, 01’57”)
The Other _ Marta MAGNUSKA (POL, 2018, 04’47”)
There Were Four of Us _ Cassie SHAO (USA/CHN, 2019, 06’47”)
West Question East Answer _ Dal PARK (GBR, 2018, 06’25”)
Wild as a Raspberry _ Zahra ALEMOHAMMADI (PRT, 2018, 03’10”)
You Are Overreacting _ Karina PACIORKOWSKA (POL, 2018, 04’00”

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The 2019 edition of Primanima World Festival of Animations takes place 30 Oct -2 Nov 2019, in Budaörs, Hungary.

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