Gloria Victoria by Theodore Ushev crowns Fantoche festival

The constructivist Gloria Victoria by Theodore Ushev won the prize at Fantoche Festival 2013. See all the winners.

My friend Marjorie by Louise Wilde & Model Robot

Animated doc: watch the poignant memories (but beautifully animated) of Marjorie Curtis in My Friend Marjorie.

Art of Happiness: New feature film from Italy

The 70th Venice Film Festival enjoys the premiere of  a new Italian animated film, The Art of Happiness by Alessandro Rak.

Tits by Louisa Bertman

Femininity and adulthood. Watch the frenetic but reflective Tits by Louisa Bertman (warning: graphic content).

Celeste by Robert Wallace

A dreamy music video: watch Ezra Vine's Celeste, directed by Robert Wallace.

In Search Of by Adi Perets

Looking for love and inspiration. Watch the exquisite (and surrealistic) In Search Of by Adi Perets.

The Tell-Tale Heart by Annette Jung

Annette Jung adapts Edgar Allan Poe's story The Tell-Tale Heart, and invites us into a world of psychological horror.

Eden: A Cinephile, Tel Aviv Short by Mishar for Art students

A Cinema Paradiso moment: watch the nostalgic and slick animated short Eden.

Tale of the Bamboo Cutter opens November 23

Read More About:

 Studio Ghibli's co-founder and animation director Takahata Isao directs his new feature film, Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. Watch the first six minutes of the film.


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