Ride Toward the Sea by Damien Stein

Humans and fish compete for attention in the tender Ride Toward the Sea by Damien Stein.

PPSD by Joseph Pierce and Arno Salters

Post Party Stress Disorder is the new elusive music video directed by Arno Salters and animated by UK artist Joseph Pierce.

Germany wins in a record Cartoon Forum edition

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 Cartoon Forum, the pitching and co-production event for animated TV series, revealed a steady stream of European animation at the 24th edition  of the gathering which ended last 20 September in Toulouse, France.

Head Over Heels wins the Cartoon D'Or award

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Tim Reckart's Oscar-nominated film Head Over Heels won the Cartoon D'Or award for Best European short animated film.

Cain by Marcus Grysczok

Berlin artist Marcus Grysczok directs a clay-animated music video for the rock group Simeon Soul Charger. Watch Cain.

Future Encounters 2013: A new generation of UK animators

Future Encounters 2013 presents the list of the tomorrow’s stars introducing the audience to rising talent in film and animation.

The Present by Joe Hsieh

A suspenseful drama: watch The Present by Joe Hsieh.

9/11 Memorial: Will by Eusong Lee

9/11 memorial. The heart-wrenching and still beautiful Will by Eusong Lee.

The Longest Road by Manddy Wyckens

Discover things left out in The Longest Road by Manddy Wyckens.


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