Animator Simone Massi designs the 70th Venice Film Festival poster

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The Italian animator Simone Massi designs the poster of the 70th Venice Film Festival, which is  a tribute to the Greek auteur Theo Angelopoulos.

CONFIA Conference on Illustration and Animation, 29-30/11, Portugal: Call for papers

The CONFIA International Conference on Illustration and Animation publishes call for papers for its November conference in Portugal.

Trois Petits Chats / Three Little Cats

Benoît Delaunay, Albane Hertault Lacoste, Maïwenn le Borgne, and Alexia Provoost present a dramatic tale of three cats.

Wish List by Griff

What is your wish? Griff and Scott Garrettinvestigate all possibilities -in animated form via their Wish List.

Political Animation: When Trauma Becomes a Trend

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A current wave of animated features, especially in Europe, explores neglected sides of the political in animated form.

The Making of Longbird by Will Anderson

THE BAFTA-awarded film, The Making of Longbird by Will Anderson is now online. Watch the film.

Cartoon Connection Canada: 28-31 October 2013, Quebec

Cartoon Connection Canada will be held in autumn 2013.

Triptych 1: Katerina Athanassopolou designs the MSU facade, Zagreb

Katerina Athanassopoulou was one of the 16 artists s16 worksselected to design the MSU media facade at Animafest, Zagreb. Watch her work, Triptych I.

17 animators invited to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced its invitation to 276 artists and executives who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to theatrical motion pictures.


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