In-Between by Gobelins School: Crocodile shyness

A group of students from the French Gobelins School of Image have made this sweet and psychologically relevant film about timidity.

Star of Wonder by Joseph Wallace and Becca Rose

The UK animators Joseph Wallace  and Becca Rose present a rather awkward version of the Christmas star.

Butterflies by Isabel Peppard: Stop-motion thriller qualifies for an Oscar

The Australian Isabel Peppard directs the stop-motion thriller Butterflies, and qualifies for an Oscar®.

Annecy festival 2013: Promoting the auteurs

The new artistic director of the International Animation festival of Annecy, the Canadian Marcel Jean, explains the new changed policy of the celebrated festival.

This Exquisite Forest: A web-based animated project

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Aaron Koblin and the Data Arts Team at Google have initiated an animated online project based on Surrealistic poetic principles.

Stanley Pickle by Victoria Mather

The award-winning, pixiliated short Stanley Pickle by Victoria Mather is online. Watch this powerful short.

Dutch animator Gerrit van Dijk dies

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The renowned and Berlin-awarded  Dutch animator Gerrit van Dijk died on 4 December.

I'm not quite sure what it was by Rickard Bengtsson

The mystery of the void, and the  fear of the unknown. Watch the evocative  short film I'm not sure quite what it was.

Brave, Wreck-It Ralph, Rise of the Guardians lead the Annie 2013 nominations

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The International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood, announced nominations today for its 40th Annual Annie Awards.


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