Tumo Center for Creative Technologies: 4 specialists needed

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The Tumo Center for Creative Technologies in Armenia seeks 4 specialists.

PRODUCTION: Chomet prepares a prequel to The Triplettes of Belleville

Didier Brunner, the producer behind the original Triplets of Belleville has ignited a discussion about a prequel to the Oscar-nominated film.

Studio Presentation: Les films de l' Arlequin

The French animation studio Les films de l' Arlequin offers a unique color palette along with original stories in its animated films. See some of its projects-in-development.

Michaela Pavlátová goes to Cannes by Tram

The Oscar-nominated Czech director Michaela Pavlátová goes to Cannes with her new erotic film, Tram.

US winners at the Student Academy Awards: animation and alternative

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The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences announced its winners for the 39th Student Academy Awards. See the winners in the animation and alternative categories.

The Last Bus, Wrinkles crown the 19th Stuttgart Animation Festival

The Slovakian film The Last Bus and the Spanish feature film Wrinkles crowned the awards of the 19th International Animation Festival in Stuttgart. See all the winners.

Under a big tree by Michael Piazza

Watch the philosophical-ethical tale about bird life and death by Michael Piazza: Under a big tree.

Animated com award winners: Stuttgart Animation Festival

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The Animated.com award of the 19th International Festival of Animated Films in Stuttgart has revealed its winners.

19th Stuttgart Animation Festival, 8-13 May:highlights

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The 19th Stuttgart Festival of animated films promises a lot of animated treats for its spectators. Read some of the festival highlights


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