Les Liens de Sang / Blood Ties

5 students from Paris-based school Ecole Georges Méliès create a seductive animation thriller. 

Miss Todd by Kristina Yee

The first woman to build and design a plane now an animated short. Watch the Student Academy-awarded Miss Todd by Kristina Yee.

Sublime by Ana Norambuena

The story of a girl torn between solid and vapour. Watch Sublime by Ana Norambuena.

Office Kingdom: Short History of Bureaucracy Horror

Salvatore Centoducati, Eleonora Bertolucci, Giulio De Toma & Ruben Pirito sign off a comedy unlike no other.

2am by New Monday

The concept of loneliness in space by South African animation house New Monday. Watch the film.

Éloïse, Little Dreamer by Myriam Obin

A 2D adventure in the life of a little girl by Canadian animator Myriam Obin. Watch the film below.

For the Love of God by Krishna Chandran A. Nair

Discover what happens with religious offerings in the hilarious short by Krishna Chandran A. Nair.

Sylvain Chomet Does Carmen

The creator of Triplets of Belleville and The Illusionist reworks the classic Carmen myth in the Stromae video.

Le Gouffre by Lighting Boy Studio

Need for an adventure? Watch Le Gouffre by Lighting Boy Studio.

Plug & Play by Michael Frei

The multi-awarded film by Michael Frei, which tells a digital story of humans and machine is now online, both as film and as a game app. Watch Plug & Play.

Dziga Vertov Does Cartoons: Soviet Toys (1924)

The first-ever animated cartoon from Soviet Union was made by none other than the avant-garde director Dziga Vertov.

Pig by Steven Subotnick

When dreams are uneasy. Watch Pig by Steven Subotnick.

Yellow Sticky Notes by Canadian Anijam

Yellow Sticky Notes by an impressive array of Canadian animators. Watch the inspiring, experimental animation to-do list.

The Sad Village by Bill Plympton

US independent animator Bill Plympton has his own, irreverent way to celebrate the Xmas period. Watch The Sad Village.

St. Joan by Lucinda Schreiber

A free-falling 2D/hand-drawn music video by Lucinda Schreiber.

My Mum is an Airplane by Yulya Aronova

Charming and gravity-free: watch My Mum is an Airplane.

Coldplay: Ink by Evan Viera

A beautifully escapist video for Coldplay's Ink. Watch below.

Sausage by Robert Grieves

Oscar-hopeful animation short Sausage by UK animator Robert Grieves goes online.


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