Le taxidermiste: strange sadness

A group of students at Supinfocom Arles school, France, have directed a short about a calm but strange funeral. Watch Le Taxidermiste.

Dum Spiro: It takes more than a messenger

A Roman soldier is asked to deliver a message through the forest, but has to pass through a bear guarding its own space. Watch Dum Spiro.

Meatless Days by Domestic Infelicity

Vegetarian robbery. Bloody trip by Domestic Infelicity. Watch the short.

Foxy by Stephanie Thandi Johnstone

Medical, autobiographical and funny. Watch Foxy by Stephanie Thandi Johnstone.

Villa Antropoff by Vladimir Leschiov and Kaspar Jancis

Realistic, imaginative and contemporary: watch Villa Antropoff.

The Ancestor by Darlingside and Crazy Lake Pictures

The Ancestor is a video clip by Darlingside, and features animation by Crazy Lake Pictures. Watch the video clip.

The Renter by Jason Carpenter

Things are not always what they seem. Watch the dramatically intense The Renter by Jason Carpenter.

[R] by Julie Rembauville and Nicolas Bianco-Levrin

The French directors Julie Rembauville and Nicolas Bianco-Levrin investigate what happens in a society that revolves around the letter R.  Watch the film

Hitler's Animation Studio: watch and learn

What happens when Hitler learns his commissioned work won't be paid? See one more parody of  the Downfall film.

Holy Water by Tunc Gencer

Interested in Jean Genet? Watch the experimental Holy Water by Tunc Gencer.

Missed Call by Julieta Colas

Julieta Colás presents a story of a good-looking guy, a shower, and a Missed Call. Watch the short.

PigGoatBananaMantis by Nick Cross & Dave Cooper

The Canadian independent animator, Nick Cross co-directs with Dave Cooper PigGoatBananaMantis. Watch the film.

Keith Reynolds can't make it tonight by Felix Massie

Felix Massie makes an elevator (plus ladder) story on the question of how to achieve happiness. Watch Keith Reynolds can't make it tonight.

Pest by Noore Kim

Noore Kim presents Pest. Watch the student film to compete at the Cartoon Brew Student Animation Festival.

Tomek Baginski on commercial: Kellogg's spot

The Oscar-nominated Polish director Tomek Baginksi prepares a funny, but adventurous take on nutrition. Watch his Kellogg's spot.

Nightingales in December, Theodore Ushev: watch the film

Watch the new short film by Theodore Ushev, Nightingales in December.

Belly by Julia Pott

The UK graduate Julia Pott presents a  tender (but with thick strokes) short film about ageing and leaving things behind. Watch Belly.

Olympic Vermin by Beakus Studio

Beakus Studio in London creates a short, torch relay film about the London Olympics - but the main player here is a vermin.


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