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Contes de la nuit animation still

The poster for the 49th César award ceremony is inspired by the French animation master Michel Ocelot and his 'Tales of the Night' anthology film.

Michel Ocelot and Ayce Kartal share French honours for Best Feature Animation and Best Short Animation at the 44th ceremony of the French awards.

Michel Ocelot, Sarah Van Den Boom, Ayce Kartal among the nominees for the annual French honors.

The new feature film by Michel Ocelot (Kirikou and the Sorceress, Azur and Asmar) has the art and science aligned to save the world from gender-based catastrophe.

 A second screening has now been scheduled. Watch the teaser

Peter Lord, Olga and Priit Pärn, Michel Ocelot and Janet Perlman are interviewed for the Anima 2018 festival. Watch their interviews

 Michel Ocelot's  next feature film, Dilili à Paris will move to Paris and a signature period for the French capital, and will be the opening film at the 2018 Annecy Festival.

The renown French animator gets a well-deserved award from the Zagreb Animafest festival.

The European Association of Animation Film, has announced the finalists for Cartoon Movie Tributes 2013,  Prominent European directors and production companies are nominated.

The French director of Kirikou and the Sorceress and Tales of the Night is present at the 11th AniFest festival, and talks about his present and future career.

The 11th AniFest festival in Teplice, Czech Republic, offers a wealth of all things animated from 26th April - 1 May 2012.

Michel Ocelot prepares an enchanting panel of animated silhouettes in his Tales of the Night.

Australia and US share feature-length and short-length film respectively in the biggest animation festival in the world.


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