Short But Sweet by KLOMP! Animation

 Junaid Chundrigar and KLOMP! Animation present an action comedy that.has it all -in 2 minutes. Watch Short But Sweet (Kort maar krachtig).

Hey Deer! by Örs Bárczy

A seasonal 3D computer animation film from Hungary which works for all seasons.

Lynx and Birds by Blue Zoo

Blue Zoo Animation Studio wishes everyone a Happy Christmas with their new festive short.

Afternoon Class by Seoro Oh

Can't stay awake during class? Watch the animation short Afternoon Class by Seoro Oh.

Tag by Dan Edgley

Can't have the one without the other. Watch (Xmas) Tag by Dan Edgley.

Merry Xmas from Robert Grieves

UK indie animator Robert Grieves celebrates Xmas.

Miss Todd by Kristina Yee

The first woman to build and design a plane now an animated short. Watch the Student Academy-awarded Miss Todd by Kristina Yee.

Sublime by Ana Norambuena

The story of a girl torn between solid and vapour. Watch Sublime by Ana Norambuena.

Office Kingdom: Short History of Bureaucracy Horror

Salvatore Centoducati, Eleonora Bertolucci, Giulio De Toma & Ruben Pirito sign off a comedy unlike no other.

For the Love of God by Krishna Chandran A. Nair

Discover what happens with religious offerings in the hilarious short by Krishna Chandran A. Nair.

My Mum is an Airplane by Yulya Aronova

Charming and gravity-free: watch My Mum is an Airplane.

Pinchaque, the Colombian Tapir by Caroline Attia

Highly effective animated film on an animated species rarely to be seen. Watch Pinchaque, the Colombian Tapir by Caroline Attia.


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