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   Face Recognition animation still by Martinus Klemet

Estonian animation filmmaker Martinus Klemet releases online his animation short comedy about surveillance, 'Face Recognition'. Watch the film and read his interview.

Estonian Academy of Arts' Animation MA programme is hosting online Open House event on 13th January 2022.

Sander Joon has finished the rally-themed short animation Sierra. Here's the trailer and the new making-of video behind the scenes.

Estonian Kaspar Jancis has a new animation short Cosmonaut.

Sander Joon presens online his animation short Sounds Good, where a boom operator is trying to record the sound of mushrooms.

 Two talented independent animators from Croatia/ Estonia, Lucija Mrzljak and Morten Tšinakov, talk to our Zippy Frames contributor Kropka during Annecy Festival.

The new Estonian/Latvian family film will be in In the run-up to the 42nd edition of Generation programme.

The Estonian (former Animated Dreams Festivals) PÖFF Shorts announced its selection results for the 2018 edition.

Estonian animator and scholar Ülo Pikkov successfully defended his PhD thesis on Eastern European Animation.

The French film Stockholm and Swiss/Israeli film Travelogue were also standouts of the second student competition programme of Annecy Festival 2018.

A film easy to like and harder to cherish. Review for the stop-motion Estonian feature film, Captain Morten and the Spider Queen.

A lot of anticipation surrounds the upcoming stop-motion Estonian feature film, Captain Morten and the Spider Queen. Watch the trailer.

All the animation winners of the 2017 Animated Dreams Competition during the PÖFF festival in Tallinn.

Giannalberto Bendazzi,  Pedro Rivero, and Janno Põldma will be this year's jury in the Tallinn festival.

How can a bike race become a nightmare. The Estonian Sander Joon presents his no-nonsense Velodrool.


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