Crulic: The path to beyond

Anca Damian scripts and directs an inventive documentary-animation film about a Romanian prisoner in 2007 Krakow, who goes on a hunger strike.

Wrinkles review: A remarkably dignified film about aging

Ignacio Ferreras' Wrinkles is a disarmingly humane, 2D elegy of old people in need.

Alois Nebel Review: A Moody Film

Tomáš Luňák presents a shameful episode in recent Czech history in rotoscope with his Alois Nebel, and gives a depressingly moody yet almost too hard to infer reality

Tales of the night (Contes de la nuit) review

Michel Ocelot prepares an enchanting panel of animated silhouettes in his Tales of the Night.

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn review

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 Steven Spielberg has just made an entertaining (even if less suspenseful) Indiana Jones.

A Cat in Paris / Une vie de chat review

An almost gravity-free hand-drawn film proves to be a suspenseful police thriller.

Arrietty: The tiny girl that couldn't help borrowing

Studio Ghibli, the birthplace of Miyazaki's films, presents an animated film based on a British fantasy novel.

Chico & Rita: the animated Casablanca

Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal present a Cuban romance.

Idiots and Angels Review

 Bill Plympton builds a version of the Wings of Desire + The Elephant Man.


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