Dinner for Few: Interview with Nassos Vakalis

The award-winning film by Nassos Vakalis, Dinner for Few, is now available to watch online. Read our interview with the Emmy-awarded US/Greek animator.

Hollow Land: Q&A with Michelle & Uri Kranot

The Oscar short animation race sometimes reveals hidden gems. Read the Q&A with directors Michelle & Uri Kranot about their  Hollow Land.

The Art of Happiness (L' Arte Della Felicita): Interview with Alessandro Rak

Alessandro Rak has completed the new adult Italian animated feature The Art of Happiness presents successfully a dramatic family story. Read his interview at Zippy Frames.

School Presentation: Minshar for Art , Tel Aviv, Israel

Discover one of the emerging animation schools in Tel Aviv, Israel. Zippy Frames talks to Sarah Hatooka, Head of the Animation Department of Minshar For Art.

The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead and Roundhead: Q&A with Elliot Cowan

An independent, existential feature film in preparation. Director Elliot Cowan talks to Zippy Frames about The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead and Roundhead.

Political animation: Interview with Denis Do, director of Funan

A new feature in production details the story of troubled times in Cambodia, and finds French distribution. Director Denis Do talks to Zippyframes.com about Funan.

Interview: Kevin Schreck on Richard Williams and Persistence of Vision

A new documentary feature on the Academy Award-winning animator Richard Wiliams, Persistence of Vision, has been selected at Annecy festival, France. Its director, Kevin Schreck, talks to Zippy Frames.

I Have Your Heart: A modern fairytale - Q&A with Jim Batt

Jim Batt and Molly Crabapple present a charming story of a good girl with a bad heart. Watch the film, and read a short Q&A session with Jim Batt.

Interview with Alex Orrelle

Alex Orrelle, animator at Pixar's The Incredibles and Finding Nemo, and animation director at Warner Bros' Yogi Bear, talks to Zippyframes.com about animation, during his presence at Be there! Corfu Animation Festival.

Το ελληνικό Χωριό στο φεστιβάλ του Annecy: Συνέντευξη του Σ. Πολυχρονάκη

O Έλληνας Στέλιος Πολυχρονάκης με την ταινία το Χωριό μπαίνει στο διαγωνιστικό πρόγραμμα του φεστιβάλ κινουμένων σχεδίων του Annecy. Διαβάστε τη συνέντευξη του σκηνοθέτη στο Cineman.gr


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