Things went as expected at the 93rd Academy Awards for animation prizes.

Animated feature Toy Story 4 and animated short Hair Love respectively won in the animation categories of the 92nd Academy Awards.

The new film will be kids-friendly and will feature a bear family in its adventures in mythical Iran.

Mr. Kropka delves critically into Pixar’s narrative and aesthetic strategies.

Here's what the winners had to say in their acceptance speech and backstage interviews.

Pixar's Inside Out is ambitious, colourful and flawed.

The Pixar prequel to Monsters, Inc will be the opening film at the celebrated animation festival in France.

 Cassidy Curtis (supervising animator, How to train your dragon) and Jim Capobianco (writer, Ratatouille) raised the bar of the 4th Animasyros festival in Greece.

In a moment when the industry has fallen in love with everything in 3D, there are some lone voices.


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