Anibar Animation Festival 2023 theme

Anibar Animation Festival 2023 Celebrates Love

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Estonian Sander Joon designs the 2023 Anibar Animation Festival visual identity.

Michael Dudok de Wit designs the Animafest Cyprus 2023 poster

Michael Dudok de Wit Designs the 2023 Countryside Animafest Cyprus Poster

Michael Dudok de Wit designs the poster for the 22nd edition of Countryside Animafest Cyprus 2023.

Heave by Timothée Sarran

Abstract and Non-Narrative Animation Competition II at Anifilm 2023 (GoCritic! Review)

Katerina Beloglazova reports on the abstract, non-narrative programme of this year's Anifilm Festival (part of our GoCritic! review series).

Vuk Jevremovic's 'XI' animation short

Abstract and Non-Narrative Animation Competition I at Anifilm 2023: (GoCritic! Review)

Haci Seferov reports on the abstract, non-narrative programme of this year's Anifilm Festival (part of our GoCritic! review series).

Flora Anna Buda wins with her animation short '27' the Cannes Palme D'Or

'27' by Flóra Anna Buda Wins the Palme d'Or for A Short Film at Cannes 2023

The Hungarian director Flóra Anna Buda gets the highest prize for a short film at Cannes, the Palme ddOr, with her '27' animation short.

Chilemonos Animation Festival 2023

Chilemonos Festival 2023: Highlights

The highlights of the 2023 Chilean animation festival Chilemonos, with an emphasis on its industry programme.

Croatian Animation films at Animafest Zagreb 2023

Croatian Animation Films to Watch at Animafest Zagreb 2023

Check out a preview of the Croatian animation films to be screened at the 2023 Animafest Zagreb edition.

Anifilm Festival 2023 winners

'My Love Affair with Marriage', 'Ice Merchants', 'The House of Loss' in the Anifilm 2023 Winners

Check all the animation winners of the Czech festival Anifilm.

Annecy Feature Animation Selection 2023

Annecy Festival 2023: 11+12 Animation Features Selected

Discover the official selection for feature animation films of the 2023 Annecy Festival.

Animocje Festival 2023 winners

'Garrano', 'Impossible Figures', 'Letter to A Pig' in the Animocje Festival Winners 2023

Discover the winners of the Polish animation festival Animocje and its 2023 edition.

Anifilm Festival 2023 highlights

Anifilm Festival 2023: From Japan Back to the Czech Roots

Discover the programme highlights of the 2023 Anfilm Festival in Liberec, Czech Republic.

Barry Purves Gets Honorary Annecy Cristal, LGBTIQ+ Annecy Programme Introduced

The Oscar-nominated stop-motion director will get awarded by the French animation festival.


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