The Revolution with SMODO Technology in Stop-Motion

Polish technology SMODO bridge the world stop-motion and digital production, and reduces both costs and time spent on set.

Luce Grosjean to Festivals: Stop Inviting Problematic Directors

MIYU Distribution head Luce Grosjean presented an intro statement at the 16th Animateka festival on the #MeToo movement and animation festival politics. Watch it below.

Swiss Animators Present Animadvert Calendar

24 Swiss animation shorts to be shown on Instagram from 1st December.

Rosto's Mind My Gap Crowdfunding Campaign

A crowdfunding campaign is under way to publish Rosto's Mind My Gap multimedia project.

7 Films by Suzan Pitt at The Criterion Channel

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One of the pioneers of US independent animation, Suzan Pitt, now has its own slot at the Criterion Channel.

Irish Animation Professionals Support Youth Strikers on the Environment

An array of Irish animation professionals and animation student support the global climate strikes and address the Irish environment minister.

Six Moments of Richard Williams

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Explore six video interviews with the inimitable animation artist RIchard Williams.

Number of Victims Rises in Kyoto Animation Studio Attack

At least 33 are now reported dead at the Kyoto Animation Studio arson.

Dandelooo’s 'The Treehouse Stories' Continues to Build a Home in China

Jesten Huashi acquires format rights to pre-school award-winning Series “The Treehouse Stories”.

Yakari by Xavier Giacometti Goes to Cannes

The animation feature film Yakari will be part of the "Animation Day" event of Cannes and Annecy Festival.

Angela Poschet Joins German Akkord Film

After two Academy Award nominated productions, Angela Poschet joins German producer Akkord Film.

2019 International Animation Day Poster by Giannis Koutsouris

Greek animation artist Giannis Koutsouris  creates the poster for the 2019 International Animation Day celebration.

News from the independent animation production world

Calls addressed to animation project at the stage of development

Awards and prizes to European and independent animation films.


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