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A Monster in Paris review: We'll Always Have Paris

The French feature film A Monster in Paris is in reality a paean to Paris, but not to its citizens.

Le Tableau (The Painting) Review: The Colored Meaning of Life

Le Tableau (The Painting) by the French master Jean-François Laguionie can at the same time enchant the eye and capture the mind of the spectator.

A Letter to Momo review: Learn to forgive and forget

A Letter to Momo by the  Japanese director Hiroyuki Okiuru offers a compelling portrait of a young child in distress.

The Tragedy of Man by Marcell Jankovics Review

Daring, relentless and most of the times beautiful. Read the review of the 2h 39min opus of the Hungarian Marcell Jankovics, The Tragedy of Man.

Zarafa review: a boy through Mediterrenean history

 Review of the French animated feature film, Zarafa.

7 brothers (7 frères): Finnish folk tales

The Finnish visual artist Riita Nelimarkka & Claude Louis Michel offer an adaptation of an old folk tale in feature length format. Read the review.

Fat, bald and short: A Fluid Drama of Shyness

Carlos Osuna directs Fat, Bold and Short, an animated  feature film from Colombia that presents a strong portrait of human personality in need of friendship and love.

Crulic: The path to beyond

Anca Damian scripts and directs an inventive documentary-animation film about a Romanian prisoner in 2007 Krakow, who goes on a hunger strike.

Wrinkles review: A remarkably dignified film about aging

Ignacio Ferreras' Wrinkles is a disarmingly humane, 2D elegy of old people in need.


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