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Animated com award winners: Stuttgart Animation Festival

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The award of the 19th International Festival of Animated Films in Stuttgart has revealed its winners.

19th Stuttgart Animation Festival, 8-13 May:highlights

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The 19th Stuttgart Festival of animated films promises a lot of animated treats for its spectators. Read some of the festival highlights

Zarafa, Le Tableau, Wrinkles at the Annecy 2012: feature selection

10 feature films, with a strong European (and French) component were selected for the offiicial Annecy film festival programme, 4-9 June 2012.

Moxie, A Latter to Momo win at the 11th AniFest

Stephen Irwin's black-and-white existential satire Moxie, and the lovable (but sad) A letter to Momo (Hiroyuki Okiuru) were among the winners of the 11th AniFest (Teplice, Czech Republich). See all the winners.

11th Anifest, Teplice: starts today

The 11th AniFest festival in Teplice, Czech Republic, offers a wealth of all things animated from 26th April - 1 May 2012.

Ottawa International Animation Festival 2012: preliminary programme

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 The 2012 edition of OIAF has now revealed its programme.

The Lost Town of Switez, Way out conquer Be there! Corfu Animation Festival

The Kamil Polak-directed epic, The Lost Town of Switez was the big winner at Be there! Corfu Animation Festival 2012.

Be there! Corfu Animation festival: program, Laguionie retrospective

The sophomore Be there! Corfu Animation Festival presents its full programme (29 March-1 April 2012), and includes a Jean-François Laguionie retrospective.

Annecy Selection 2012: shorts

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mage} The prestigious Annecy Film Festival announced its line-up of short films for its 2012 edition.



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