Stéphan Roelants Interview: You Have To Know Your Characters

Zippy Frames talks to Stéphan Roelants, CEO of Melusine productions ,on both contemporary and future animation plans.

Interview with Duduf, Co-founder at Rainbox Lab and Rainbox Productions

Joseph Norman talks to Duduf, co-founder at Rainbox Lab and Rainbox Productions, on both their own film productions and their innovative animation software plugins.

Lockdown Profile: Strangelove Festival

This week, during the Coronavirus lockdown, UK correspondent Joseph Norman profiles an alternative new media-art festival, now in its fifth year, featuring a wealth of new animated content.

Lockdown Interview with Astrid Goldsmith

In today’s Lockdown interview, Joseph Norman catches up with Astrid Goldsmith, director of the recent animated short film, ‘Quarantine’. 

Imbued Life: Lockdown Interview with Ivana Bošnjak and Thomas Johnson

In his series of lockdown interviews, Joseph Norman talks to Croatian/British animation artists Ivana Bošnjak and Thomas Johnson of the acclaimed short Imbued Life.

Lockdown Interview with Gerald Conn

This week, as the world enters lockdown, Joseph Norman, contributor at Zippy Frames, conducted a remote interview with Gerald Conn, director at the animation studios Gritty Realism, based in Ystrad Mynach, South Wales.

How to survive in the animation industry: Christina S. Nerland

This interview taken be our contributor Kropka took place during the 3rd edition of ReAnima Festival in Bergen, Norway, where Christina S. Nerland gave a masterclass 'How to survive in the animated industry?. Read the whole thing.

Lockdown Interview with Lorenz Wunderle

In the latest lockdown interview, Zippy Frames catches up with Lorenz Wunderle to discuss his animated short film, Coyote.

City of Pirates (A Cidade dos Piratas): Otto Guerra's Masterpiece

Eliane Gordeeff talks to Brazilian director Otto Guerra on his new animation feature film, City of Pirates (A Cidade dos Piratas), a production of the Otto Desenhos Animados, in partnership with Erica Maradona.

A Dark Vibrance: Interview with Stephen Irwin

Joseph Norman talks to animator Stephen Irwin about his latest film, Wood Child and Hidden Forest Mother.


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