The Wheel Turns by Sang Joon Kim

Frogs, trains and people collide in the dystopian parable The Wheel Turns by New York-based filmmaker Sang Joon Kim. 

Chulyen, histoire de Corbeau (Chulyen, A Crow's Tale) by Cerise Lopez and Agnès Patron

A very unusual but still challenging and mesmerizing film. Watch (mature audiences only) the French animation short Chulyen, A Crow's Tale by by Cerise Lopez and Agnès Patron. 

Sounds Good by Sander Joon

Sander Joon presens online his animation short Sounds Good, where a boom operator is trying to record the sound of mushrooms.

HIdeous Henk by Junaid Chundrigar

Hideous Henk is a Dutch animated pilot directed by Junaid Chundrigar. It is made for (young) adults, and is about a little ugly Chihuahua who gets adopted, making his life surprisingly worse than before.

Stay Home: 5 Indie Animation Shorts Talk About Our Own Place

You need to stay home. 5 indie animated short films that investigate our relationship with one of our basic needs: being at home, safe, protected and loved.

Kukuschka by Dina Velikovskaya

Following the sun is a personal journey, but what happens if you have a kid to accompany you? Dina Velikovskaya beautifully explores contrasting desires in the puppet animation short Kukuschka.

Bloomers by Samantha Moore

UK animation director presents her animation documentary shorts Bloomers on a Manchester garment factory. Watch the film and read her interview.

Ayam (Days) by Sofia El Khyari

A travelogue of women in cut-out animation takes place in the short animation film Ayam (Days) by Sofia El Khyari.

Urban Sphinx (Esfinge Urbana) by María Lorenzo Hernández

A street art project that turned into an animation short. Here's the presentation of Urban Sphinx directed by María Lorenzo Hernández, and produced by Enrique Millán.

Wade by Upamanyu Bhattacharyya & Kalp Sanghvi

In a version of Kolkata, India rendered unlivable by sea-level rise, things take a dark turn when a family of climate change refugees is attacked by a tiger on the flooded streets. Here's the new 2D animation film Wade by Upamanyu Bhattacharyya & Kalp Sanghvi (Ghost Animation).

The Orchestra by Mikey Hill

Sometimes love is all around music. Here's the animation short The Orchestra by Australian animation director Mikey HIll.

Nigel by Natasza Cetner

Natasza Cetner presents her animation short Nigel at Zippy Frames.

My Galactic Twin Galaction by Sasha Svirsky at Berlinale Shorts 2020

The world premiere of Sasha Svirky's new animation short, My Galactic Twin Galaction, will take place at Berlin Film Festival 2020 (Berlinale Shorts). 

I'm Going Out for Cigarettes (Je sors acheter des cigarettes) by Osman Cerfon

Osman Cerfon, director of the César-shortlisted short I'm Going Out for Cigarettes (Je sors acheter des cigarettes) talks to Zippy Frames.

Sent Away by Rosa Fisher

UK director Rosa Fisher presents her 2D animation short Sent Away at Zippy Frames. 


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