Find all winners of the 15th Animateka Festival in Ljubljiana.

 Two talented artists and a fantasy behind the 2018 Animateka festival poster.

3 masterclasses (in full) from Animateka festival with Nikita Diakur, Frédérick Tremblay and Eva Cvijanović , but also all artists interviews from the Slovenian fest.

Lithuanian animation producer Agnė Adomėnė talks to Zippy Frames about the new initiative, CEE Animation representatives to meet at Annecy Festival

Dušan Kastelic’s and Sergiu Negulici’s shorts won the audience’s and the juries’ attention this year in the Slovenian capital.

The Slovenian festival returns this December loaded with memorable retrospectives, an Italian oeuvre, and guest jury Igor Kovalyov’s masterclass.

Slovakian director and producer, and organizer of the upcoming CEE Animation Workshop in Ljubljana (2-6 Dec 2017) Juraj Krasnohorsky, answers our questions.

Slovenian animated film – a blossoming era. Igor Prassel portraits Slovenia.

Apply now for the Ljubljana networking event for Central and Eastern European animation professionals during the 2017 Animateka festival.

A major 3D Computer animation retrospective, 3 European animation schools and more events at the 13th edition of Animateka in Ljubljana.

All the awards of the 2015 Slovenian animation fest.

The programme director of Animateka festival in Ljubljana, Igor Prassel, talks to Zippy Frames about the 12 years of the impressively European festival.

The Dutch filmmaker and artist has a special tribute and exhibition during Animateka festival,  Ljubljana.

Selection results have now been revealed for Animateka festival, Ljubljana, with familiar names and interesting surprises.

Ewa Borysewicz with To Thy Heart wins the Slovenian festival grand prize.


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