Belgian Animation

Jan Bultheel's feature film Cafard presents a sweeping, adamantly old-fashioned story of a distraught Belgian world champion boxer during WWI.

One of the most penetrating shorts of the last three years. Watch Oh, Willy...

Full of magic & beauty, but without unnecessary gimmickry,  the Oscar-nominated Song of the Sea has enough drama and emotion to turn a stone into a Celtic wizard.

A WWI animation feature comes from Belgium. Learn more about Cafard, and read the interview by film director Jan Bultheel.

See the selection results of the Anima festival 2014, Brussels.

Oh, Willy has now an opponent! Watch Emma De Swaef's & Marc James Roels' festival trailer, Fight.

Daniela Wayllace presents a highly symbolic and mesmerizing picture of women in Bolivia. Watch Memento Mori.

Asia wins bigs at the 2012 Anima Festival, Brussels.


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