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Joseph Norman talks with Carla Mackinnon about her film O, Hunter Heart.

Tess Martin presents her experimental animated film Orbit at Zippy Frames.

Thomas Renoldner presents and talks about his widely acclaimed experimental animation short DONT KNOW WHAT.

It seems OK to be tiny. Emily Scaife talks to Zippy Frames about her acclaimed experimental animation short, Attraction.

Zippy Frames Correspondent Eliane Gordeeff talks to Davide Freitas (Animais AVPL) about the highly interesting upcoming TV series The 7 Boxes.

The acclaimed film Solar Walk by Hungarian animation director Réka Bucsi comes to Vimeo on Demand VOD 11th April. 

Dutch animator Loek Vugs creates a hushed VR future in his experimental short, Future Thoughts.

Our Zippy Frames Correspondent Eliane Gordeeff meets Portuguese architect and animation director Miguel Pires de Matos; they talk about the experimental short 4 States of Matter.

Review for the new experimental animation feature Apocalypsis by US director Eric Leiser.

Watch the latest work by experimental artist Max Hattler.

The unknown X becomes a whole symphony of shapes. Watch the experimental X by Max Hattler.

A combination of lyrical live-action with stop-motion animation in Eric Leiser's If I was. Watch the music video.

The new track by Hiatus and its stop-motion video made by animator Tom Jobbins

Fashion Victims 2.0 by Maria Lorenzo

Spanish animator and educator María Lorenzo Hernández talks about her film, 'Fashion Victims 2.0', on the occasion of the film's online release.


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