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US independent animator Bill Plympton has his own, irreverent way to celebrate the Xmas period. Watch The Sad Village.

A beautifully escapist video for Coldplay's Ink. Watch below.

A tour de force of independent animation and autobiography triumph by Signe Baumane.

A 50s-inspired comedy short on the danger of packages. Watch Mysterious Package by Joey Trimmer.

The live-action/animated documentary Truth Has Fallen by Sheila Sofian animates in a powerful way the failures of the US judicial system.

Not your ordinary animated characters. The new, Australian independent feature, The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead and Roundhead by Elliot Cowan. Film review.

Daisuke Kaneko tells a story of economic crisis and disillusionment. Watch Ecirava.

Caleb Wood presents the mesmerizing experimental short Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop.

A psychedelic trip attached to the music video of Devendra Banhart, and animated by Galen Pehrson. Watch Taurobolium.

NY short on memory loss. Watch the arresting doc, Marking the Distance by the Rauch Brothers.

9/11 memorial. The heart-wrenching and still beautiful Will by Eusong Lee.

Discover things left out in The Longest Road by Manddy Wyckens.

Femininity and adulthood. Watch the frenetic but reflective Tits by Louisa Bertman (warning: graphic content).

Trouble with your fridge? Watch the charming Runaway.

Eric Leiser and Rachel Mason's band premiere the stop-motion video for Little Band of Sailors.


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