The Big Bad Fox And Other Tales Review: That's What Friends (and Enemies) Are For

Benjamin Renner and Patrick Imbert play with fairytale conventions in a definitely funny, episodic animal story.

Tehran Taboo Review: Not In Persepolis Anymore

Ali Soozandeh's rotoscoped Iranian drama about the lives of 4 people in modern-day Tehran hits all the right notes in character development within a glib portrait of internalized, strict moral codes.

Loving Vincent Review: Neoclassical Painting Mystery

The new painted feature on Vincent Van Gogh is carefully crafted and timid at the same time. 

My Dogs, JinJin & Akida Film Review: This Is Not A Dog's Life

A feature film about kids and dogs, without ordinary kids and dogs.

25 April Film Review: Stuff of Manhood

The 1915 disastrous Gallipoli campaign becomes an animated 3D/2D documentary, produced entirely in New Zealand.

Cafard Review: Capturing Humanism

Jan Bultheel's feature film Cafard presents a sweeping, adamantly old-fashioned story of a distraught Belgian world champion boxer during WWI.

Ma Vie de Courgette Review: Everything's Not Quiet At the Puppet Front

The new stop-motion film by Claude Barras presents a sweet but also poignant tale of children in need of care and respect.

Seoul Station Review: Last Stop to Hell

Yeon Sang-ho's third feature is no less fierce and violent as his The King of Pigs and The Fake efforts, and wholeheartedly artistic at the same time.

Louise by the Shore Review: The Windmills of Her Mind

Time is static, but mind keeps constantly moving in J.F.Laguionie's exemplary work on age and memory, Louise en hiver.


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