Terry Pratchett & The Animation Hub prepare The Duel

The prolific and creative author of Discworld series, Terry Pratchett, is involved in the current Irish project produced by The Animation Hub, The Duel.

Encounters, Bristol: Producing Course, 17-21 September

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Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival (Bristol, UK) is now accepting applications for a new professional development training course aimed at producers and animators in September.

PRODUCTION: Chomet prepares a prequel to The Triplettes of Belleville

Didier Brunner, the producer behind the original Triplets of Belleville has ignited a discussion about a prequel to the Oscar-nominated film.

Aya of Yop City (Aya de Yopougon): First trailer

After the artistic success of The Rabbi's Cat, the team of Autochenille Productions, prepares an animated version of the acclaimed graphic novel, Aya de Yopougoun, directed by  Marguerite Abouet and Clément Oubrerie. Watch the trailer.

PRODUCTION: Le Tableau / The Painting

The French animator Jean-François Laguionie returns with his fourth feature film, Le Tableau. Watch the trailer.

Henry Waltz: scientific fantasy in black and white

The Hungarian Emil Goodman presents his mesmerizing concept trailer for the upcoming feature film, Henry Waltz.


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