Be there! Corfu Animation Festival: Call for entries

A new animation festival takes place at Corfu,Greece.

Animasyros 2010:The award goes to Twin Sisters

A film from Spain (puppets) was the big winner of the Animasyros festival in Greece.

The boy who wanted to be Tim Burton: TiM

Ken Turner directs a mesmerizing stop-motion film about a boy who wanted to become Tim Burton.

Estonian Crocodile gets the Cartoon D' Or

The highest European award for animation was a surprise winner.

The External world by David O'Reilly

Watch the exquisitely animated film of David O'Reilly.

Annie, don't get your gun: Disney leaves

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Variety reports that Disney is to withdraw from the prestigious Annie animation awards.

1.2 Million Children by Effie Pappa

Animation with a social face. Watch the short film of third world children and their dreams by Effie Pappa.

How bad is 3D?

In a moment when the industry has fallen in love with everything in 3D, there are some lone voices.

Annecy 2010: The awards

Australia and US share feature-length and short-length film respectively in the biggest animation festival in the world.


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