Partir by Joanna Lurie

Joanna Lurie presents two bubble characters in her Partir (Leaving).

I'm Fine Thanks by Eamonn O'Neill

The Irish animator Eamonn O'Neill presents an intriguing portrait of a person in distress. Watch I'm Fine Thanks.

Instant Excitations by Adrien Weber

When animation can be creative in a most unexpected, instant way. Watch the adult-themed Instant Excitations by Adrien Weber.

Foxy by Stephanie Thandi Johnstone

Medical, autobiographical and funny. Watch Foxy by Stephanie Thandi Johnstone.

Villa Antropoff by Vladimir Leschiov and Kaspar Jancis

Realistic, imaginative and contemporary: watch Villa Antropoff.

The Ancestor by Darlingside and Crazy Lake Pictures

The Ancestor is a video clip by Darlingside, and features animation by Crazy Lake Pictures. Watch the video clip.

The Renter by Jason Carpenter

Things are not always what they seem. Watch the dramatically intense The Renter by Jason Carpenter.

Holy Water by Tunc Gencer

Interested in Jean Genet? Watch the experimental Holy Water by Tunc Gencer.

Missed Call by Julieta Colas

Julieta Colás presents a story of a good-looking guy, a shower, and a Missed Call. Watch the short.


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