Olga Bobrowska reviews the 2D film The Procession by Pascal Blanchet and animator Rodolphe Saint-Gelais.

The new film by the Oscar-nominated director Theodore Ushev The Physics of Sorrow, will be part of the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

Olga Bobrowska reviews the new film by Regina Pessoa, Uncle Thomas: Accounting For the Days.

The first female animation director to win the Quebec’s highest prize for cinema.

A very daring hedgehog is waiting for your attention. Interview with Eva Cvijanović, director of the awarded stop-motion short, Hedgehog's Home.

Matthew Rankin's animated film The Tesla World Light produced at the National Film Board of Canada will have its world premiere at the 56th International Critics' Week.

 The 2016 Annecy winner, French director Franck Dion, talks to Zippy Frames.

Chris Landreth's comeback with Subconscious Password. 

A highly personal, César-nominated short film.

Twelve recent animation films available for free online at, starting October 28.


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