The Boxtrolls: Two Featurettes for the LAIKA film

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Laika's The Boxtrolls now has two featurettes, "The Nature of Creation" and "Meet the Characters". Watch them both below.

Last Round in Istanbul by Serge Avédikian: Personal and Political

A story of personal and political fight is the premiere feature animation project by acclaimed Franco-Armenian director Serge Avédikian. Learn more about the Last Round in Istanbul.

PRODUCTION: Folimage and Les Armateurs Prepare Cheeky Anna

The two Oscar-nominated French animation studios collaborate on a new animation feature project.

From HIV to Heart of Darkness: Discover the MIFA Feature Projects of Annecy 2014

6 feature animation projects to be pitched during MIFA and 2014 Annecy Festival, and they cater for all tastes. Discover the projects.

The Last Fiction by Ashkan Rahgozar: Iranian Epic Feature

It comes from Iran. The new animation feature in production The Last Fiction by Hoorakhsh Studios promises the retelling of an epic battle.

The Boy Within by Damien Stein: Crowdsourcing Campaign

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Lewis Carroll and Hieronymus Bosch meet animation: The Boy Within by Damien Stein, a new short in the making, has now its own crowdsourcing campaign.

Producing Animation Course from Encounters:, 5-6 March

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Encounters Short Film Festival, Bristol is now accepting applications for a second training course aimed at animation producers,

10 European & Independent Animated Features for 2014

2014 promises an exciting animated adventure into the world of feature films. See our European &  independent US choices in the spotlight.

PRODUCTION: The Yark by Bertrand Santini

A new animated feature project: discover The Yark.

Michael Frei, Ofra Kobliner, Tomasz Popakul recipients of the APIC residency 2014, Tokyo

3 European arists were selected for the 2014 International Invitation Program for Animation Artists, "Animation Artist in Residence" by the Japan Image Councils. Read more details.

Art of Happiness: New feature film from Italy

The 70th Venice Film Festival enjoys the premiere of  a new Italian animated film, The Art of Happiness by Alessandro Rak.

Frank Morales prepares Cardboard Wounds

Frank Morales and his animated short film "Cardboard wounds". See how to support the 2D affective film.


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