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Zippy Frames contributor Kropka shares his impressions from the 2018 Hungarian festival.

Polish director Michał Łubiński and his project Astra won the main prize of the ANIMARKT PITCHING, which for the second time took place in Lodz (Poland).

Vassilis Kroustallis reports from the 8th edition of Maribor StopTrik festival.

Uri and Michelle Kranot, Milos Tomić, Ivana Sebestova, Sanni Lahtinen win at the 11th Slovakian fest. Full winners and festival report.

Olga Bobrowska reports on the latest 2018 edition of Animafest Zagreb and the feature films line-up.

Mr. Kropka delves critically into Pixar’s narrative and aesthetic strategies.

 Vassilis Kroustallis reports from the Lisbon and the 18th edition of Monstra Festival.

Some things change, but can also change for the worse. Vassilis Kroustallis reflects on the animation categories of the 90th Academy Awards.

Olga Bobrowska reviews the most recent achievements of the Chinese animation independent and industry scene.

Olga Bobrowska critically reflects upon the premiere European Animation Awards for Zippy Frames.

Olga Bobrowska critically analyzes the new European Animation Awards nominations, and the status of the awards themselves in the contemporary animation scene production.

Vassilis Kroustallis reports on the 2017 Animanima festival, Serbia.

 Olga Bobrowska, festival director of StopTrik festival and Zippy Frames collaborator, continues her own animated festival trips, and tells more about films and people.

Olga Bobrowska, festival director of StopTrik festival and Zippy Frames collaborator, had her own animated festival trips during 2016. Here's an insightful report of her festival experiences (and it's only the first part).

Animation professionals vote the shorts that made an impact on them during 2016 for Zippy Frames. Here are the results


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