2D animation

Sometimes love is all around music. Here's the animation short The Orchestra by Australian animation director Mikey HIll.

Natasza Cetner presents her animation short Nigel at Zippy Frames.

UK director Rosa Fisher presents her 2D animation short Sent Away at Zippy Frames. 

Florentine Grelier presents her animation short My Juke-Box at Zippy Frames.

Laura Nasir Tamara presents her animation short It Starts With.

A story of abuse in 2D animation in My Father's Room by Nari Yang.

Jonas Schloesing animates the 2D animation short Riviera, produced by Ikki Films. The director talks to Zippy Frames.

Here's Egg animation short by Martina Scarpelli.

US directors Tim Platt and Birigt Rathsmann made the experimental 2D short Octopus. Watch the film and see how it was made.

The acclaimed (and Oscar-qualified) animation documentary short Carlotta's Face premieres online. Watch the film and read our interview with directors Valentin Riedl and Frédéric Schuld.

Konstantin Bronzit has finished his second short on loneliness and the universe, his Oscar-qualifying short, He Can't Live Without Cosmos. Our review.

Emily Scaife brings to visual life the song Filled with Wonder Once Again by Bill Fay.

Serbian animation artist Miloš Tomić premieres his film Musical Traumas at Zippy Frames.

Petra Zlonoga premieres her 2D animation short One of Many at Zippy Frames.

Dal Park makes a perceptive 2D animation film in West Question, East Answer. Check her interview and watch the film


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